The following is from Marc Howard, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Romeoville High School:

We have a handout resource that we use at Romeoville High School with our basketball program. We have mentorship workshops at least once per month to help develop our players mentally off the court as well as physically on the floor. During these workshops, we touch on a number of topics. Student-athletes today are faced with pressures from social media, peers, parents, society influential factors, etc... We have implemented the   Confidence Card  that our players carry in their backpacks at all times as a reminder of our keys to individual and team success. This concept was introduced to our program by MulticultuReal Communications Inc.   We regularly discuss the 'P' Factor.

Confidence Card

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Confidence is about having a belief and positive regard for yourself and your ability to succeed.
Top 10 Qualities for Confidence: The 'P' Factor
  1. (Be) Present
  2. Participate (past, any pain, obstacles, feelings, or fear)
  3. Positive (vs. negative)
  4. Purpose (focus the full power of who you are on what you want to achieve.)  
  5. Passion (dream it, believe it, feel it, know it, show it, tell it-promote yourself)
  6. Plan (take action with goals)
  7. Practice (develop strong work ethic)
  8. Preparation (visualize, to win)
  9. Performance (do your absolute best, and package and protect your talents, gifts, and skills)
  10. Perseverance (Never, Never, Never, Give up!)
Bonus Point: if you're a praying person...  Pray!

Coach Spotlight

Marc Howard 003

 Marc Howard has been the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Romeoville High School since 2013. In addition to coaching, he is also the Revenue and Athletics Facility Director for the Village of Romeoville. He also has a lot of experience coaching travel basketball and running large tournaments. 

Twitter: @RHSpartansBball
Instagram: @RomeovilleHSBasketball

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