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Fire Drill

By IBCA - Illinois Basketball Coaches Association on Sep 19, 2023 09:54:19 AM

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The following is from Scott Hennig, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Geneva High School:

Diagram 1:
Fire Drill


Diagram 1:
  • #1 passes to #2
  • #2 passes to #4 (#2 follows the pass and goes behind #4, #1 goes behind #3)
  • #4 and #3 attack 2 on 1 vs x1
  • Whichever offensive player (#3 or #4) shoots the ball or has a turnover, they become the new defense
  • They must sprint to half court around the chair
  • The other offensive player outlets the make (or rebound) and the same progression occurs



Coach Spotlight

Scott Hennig 001

Scott Hennig has been the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Geneva High School since 2017. Before becoming a Head Coach, Coach Hennig served as an assistant coach for ten seasons. He is also a P.E. teacher and Department Chair at Geneva High School.

Twitter: @GVCoachHennig
Instagram: @GenevaBasketball

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