The following is from Ryan Velasquez, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Oswego East High School:

Why we do this drill:

It is a competitive game-like atmosphere and a favorite for our guys. This drill works on getting our guys in game shape. During this drill, on offense we emphasize playing fast, kicking the ball ahead with the pass, and scoring in transition. On defense, we emphasize sprinting back, not giving up lay-ups, communicating, and protecting the paint. 

The players love this drill because it is a competitive and fast-paced drill.

Diagram 1:
Oswego East Transition Drill 1
Diagram 2:
Oswego East Transition Drill 2
  • This is a continuous 3 vs 3 drill that emphasizes playing at a fast pace. You can play for time or until a certain amount of points are scored.
  • If you play for time, anywhere between 5-7 minutes is adequate. If we are playing to a certain amount of points, we play to 8. All field goals are worth one point but can be adjusted.
  • When there is a score, there is an exchange. The two teams that are playing stay on the court until one team scores. When the offense scores, they sprint back to the defensive end. The team that is out where the ball is scored grabs the ball out of the net and transitions down to the other end on offense.
  • There are four teams that compete against each other (i.e. blue white, shirts, skins.)
  • The two teams start on the court and the two other teams are opposite of each other. The two teams that are waiting to come in are positioned with one player behind the basket and two players on the sideline, free throw line extended.
  • A variation if you have a lot of players is you can play with 16 players. There would be 4 people on each team. 
  • In the second frame, the skins scored the ball. They would sprint back on defense, while the t-shirts would grab the ball out of the net and push it ahead.
  • Both teams would now stay on the court until someone scores the ball.
  • When a team scores the ball, there is an exchange. The team waiting on the end where the ball is scored comes in on offense. While the team that scored the ball goes back on defense.

Coach Spotlight

Ryan Velasquez 002


Ryan Velasquez has been coaching basketball for the past 20 years at a variety of different levels.  He is entering his 7th season as the boys head coach at Oswego East High School.  Last season, the Oswego East Wolves made an IHSA Elite 8 appearance.

X (formerly Twitter): @OEWolvesBBall

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