The following is from Sergio Muro, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Maine East High School:

We play a drive and space style of play. It is about creating an advantage; Get it, Keep it, Use it. Offense is about rhythm and skill. We want to empower players to feel free but staying disciplined with our technique and offensive scheme. Maine East Basketball is about the team and not built about one player. We want to share the ball, score the ball, and we want to make basketball fun.

Top 5 Ideology Concepts

  1. Downhill dribble only (attack double and triple gaps); puts pressure on defense.

  2. Stride stop is your best move; it creates an advantage when you have the disadvantage. Gives you balance and power, helps you take more contact, more time to fake and pivot.

  3. Ball speed and cutting shifts the defense; can score easy points by cutting (45 cuts and corner cuts).

  4. Push the ball, easy points builds confidence.

  5. Corners always filled, corner 3's are short shots for 3 points.

Create an Advantage; Get it, Keep it, Use it.


Things that kill an advantage

  • Holding the ball

  • Over-dribbling

  • Not understanding spacing

  • Selfishness

  • Overthinking



Coach Spotlight

Sergio Muro 004

Sergio Muro is the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, IL. Before taking over the program at Maine East in 2022, Coach Muro was an assistant coach at Saint Patrick High School in Chicago, IL for nine years. 

Twitter: @CoachSMuro
Instagram: @blue_demonshoops

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